What is Beard Balm

We get many queries about Beard Balm and how different it is to Beard Oil. This is our view.

Beard Balm contains essential oils found in Beard Oil and also has the addition of beeswax. It therefore conditions the beard and also has the use of providing a light hold which can help bring together stray hairs and add more control. Usually a gentlemen will opt for both a Beard Oil and Beard Balm however some prefer one of the two.

Since Beard Balm is thicker in composition, it coats the beard follicles and makes it look more pronounced. It also adds a matte like finish to your beard. As a general rule, Beard Balm is used on beards that are longer in length.

In a nutshell, Beard Balm assist with the following:

  • Pronounces the beard
  • Shaping and styling
  • Softens follicles
  • Makes you look like a boss!

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Take care gentlemen.

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