How to grow a beard

The height of having a beard is one that is thick and full. Growing a beard requires proper grooming so that you pull it off well and a well-groomed beard says you have a woman and a job, and you don’t need anyone’s spare change.

The biggest factor that determines your beard style is genetics. More often than not, the follicles on your face and cheeks will grow out in a patchwork of thickness, color and direction. This means that gentlemen have many choices when it comes to growing a full beard. The most epic looking beard we can all hope for is one that densely covers your face with whiskers along a well defined jawline. This, gentlemen, is when you know you have something good going on.

In order to grow your beard, you will have to stop shaving for about 6 weeks. Once you give your beard enough time to grow out, you will have a good idea of the shape and growth of your beard and you most probably will also experience an itch for the first few days. Use The Gentleman’s Beard Oil immediately to stop this. Since you were shaving each day prior to growing a beard, your face got used to not having whiskers popping out of your face and shaving in itself also helped you with exfoliating dead skin cells which kept the itch away.

Once your beard is in the process of growing, visit a barber to have it neatened and trimmed. Talk to your barber about the tools you could use at home, what to do when you experience problems and what products you could use. Keep The Gentleman’s Beard Club range at the side of your bathroom sink to admire and apply each morning before the days’ business so you could walk out the house, beard groomed like a boss.

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