Grazia features The Gentleman's Beard Club!

The Grazia Man issue hits the shelves (#GoGetYourGrazia) and Grazia included some amazing fashion, grooming and gadget-y stuff for Grazia Guys.

Whether you love it or hate it, beards are a major grooming trend for the gents at the moment but grooming that mane is an imperative part of the trend, and the gents need to be clued up on tips and tricks to maintaining a well groomed bearded look.


So, if you’re a guy and need some tips on grooming that beard, or ladies if your man is looking more like a cave man rather than a bearded Tom Hardy (with the help from our great friends over at (The Gentleman’s Beard Club) we;re giving you the best grooming and styling tips to tame that mane.

Trimming your beard

Gents, trimming your beard is the difference between looking like Harry Potter’s Hagrid and Hollywood’s George Clooney. Trimming your beard helps your beard maintain your desired shape.


Beard Wash

Gents, there is actually a correct way of washing your beard. Washing your beard with shampoo and conditioner in the shower is not that way because beard follicles are actually completely different to the hair on your head and so needs to be treated differently; this routine actually strips your beard of its natural oils leaving it dryer than what it should be.

We suggest: The Gentleman’s Beard Wash which is a natural formulation made especially for the beard.


Tip: The wash is a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner so while in the shower, drizzle a bit into your palm and massage into your beard from root to tip. Rinse and towel dry


Beard and Shave Soap

Shaving can cause cuts and rashes also leaving the skin feeling dry, especially in winter.

We suggest:  Use The Gentleman’s Beard and Shave Soap which is used to create a lather and applied to your moustache and neck line. This bar contains vanilla oil and a number of other oils needed to moisturize the skin.


Tip: The soap bar can also be used as a face/ beard wash in the mornings before getting ready for the days business


Beard Oil

Right, so you’ve washed your beard and treated it with conditioner. But that’s not where this process stops. In order to get a softer feeling and looking beard, it’s recommended to rub a beard oil into your beard.

We suggest: The Gentleman’s Beard Oil to significantly soften your beard follicles. This occurs because of the Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil as key ingredients in the special formulation.


Tip: To use, add a coin sized amount to your palm and rub in your hands before applying to your beard, again from root to tip not forgetting to massage the underlying skin.

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Beard Balm

Styling your beard is necessary in maintaining the desired shape and style of the beard.

We suggest: The Gentleman’s Beard Balm


Tip: best used in conjunction with beard oil.

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