Beard Grooming - The Basics

Many men grow facial hair because it is easier to maintain as you don't need to worry about shaving every day. Even though growing a beard or mustache can reduce the amount of time you spend shaving, you should plan to spend time maintaining your facial hair.

This can mean checking your facial hair each day and shaving to remove stubble or it might mean daily trimming. It all depends on the type of facial hair you grow. Nevertheless, some form of regular maintenance trimming is key to keeping your facial hair looking good.

Let's begin with how to keep it clean.

Men like the convenience and use logic. So the logical, convenient way to keep it clean is to just use the same shampoo that you use on your head. It's all hair, right?Unfortunately, NO. Your facial skin and your scalp are very different. This is where The Gentleman’s Beard & Shave Soap comes into play. It is alcohol-free and made will all natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish your beard and skin.

After the washing, you surely want to make sure that your beard looks and smells great, right? That's where our oil and balm products come in. Fresh Wood Beard Oil (and Balms) are a necessity. They replenish the moisture to your beard and face, and they can make it smell amazing...

Why using oil and balm?

The beard hairs "wick" the oil away from your skin, causing your face to dry out. So in turn, your skin starts to overproduce its natural oil (sebum) to compensate. This overcompensation will cause you to have a very oily face at best, and can cause acne at worst.

How does beard oil help?

Well, beard oils and balms (especially those that contain Jojoba) condition the beard hair, and moisturize the skin underneath. This keeps your face from overproducing sebum. It makes your beard soft and more manageable.

For brushing

most will recommend a good bristle brush because the structure of the bristle is able to carry your sebum (and beard oil) from the skin to the end of your beard hairs. This evenly distributes the oils, giving you the best application possible.

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