Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner plays a big role in the beard's maintenance and facial hair growth.

For the most part, any man can grow facial hair. It's in our genetics to do so. Some grow beards that are the envy of all mankind while others can barely eke out a few hairs scattered in fields of peach fuzz. With the repolarization of beards in the last year or so, comes men who aren't really sure how to properly take care of their new facial growth. To add to their confusion, friends and brothers offer advice and that "one weird trick".

Here is a product you should consider using/buying for your beard conditioning.

The Gentleman's Beard Wash

There are many products available that are advertised as a "Beard Wash/shampoo". But on closer inspection, you'll find they contain the same ingredients that are found in the shampoo for your head. Stay away from these. Your face follicles are not the same as the ones on your head, so don't treat them the same. Our fresh wood Beard Wash is designed from the ground up specifically for beards, making it the finest Beard Wash on the market.

Bead oil / Balm

Like our beard wash, our beard oil is alcohol-free and won't build up over time. It can be used much like a hair conditioner by applying it after washing your beard, or even apply on days that you don't need to wash your beard. For the ultimate experience, apply it after using our fresh wood Beard Wash.

What we like about the beard oil is that it smells fresh and helps to defend against dry skin and brittle hair. As beards are susceptible to drying out, beard oil will help prevent the bristle comb look. Keeping the skin under your beard in top condition is paramount to growing a fantastic looking beard.

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