Beards and Braaing

Ribs, burgers, chicken, kebabs and rashers. A lot of braai food is consumed using your hands, which may result in a sticky mess on your face. How do you keep this clean? Taking smaller bites allows for greater accuracy, allowing more food to enter your mouth, instead of decorating your beard but if some food goes on a little adventure, just keep some beard wipes on hand for a quick clean up. You will have to eat your food a bit more carefully which will result in consuming your meal slower and is actually healthier for you by the way - just another benefit of growing a beard.

 You have to be careful when starting a fire and to make sure that you don’t construct a monstrous bonfire when in fact everyone is there for a braai especially when cleaning the grid, as all that fat from previous occasions falls into those tiny flames. They are pretty combustible and may result in a giant flame like a barber from hell, ruining your beard.

 You have gotten through the evening with minimal mess by eating your food slower (remember it’s healthier too) and you haven’t summoned the barber from hell from within your weber. Now it’s time for the evening to end and you have to go to bed and there’s that lingering smell of braai on your face - it may be unwanted if you aren’t going to bed alone. We would recommend having a quick shower and using a beard wash on your beard, a pat dry and off to a great sleep.

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