Growing an Afro Beard

While growing a beard has been a trend in the last couple of years, we are now seeing more black men growing their beard with some serious style, too. From music, film and sports industries, you'll find many black men with a beard. Just think about AKA, Mandoza and our very own customer, DJ Sbu, to cite a few – all of them keep a beard that wows the ladies.

Although this seems to be a new trend, the truth is that black men have been growing beards for a while. In fact, it has a lot to do with their heritage.

But, why are we drawing this clear difference between a black men’s beards versus others? The truth is that both kinds of beards are quite different and with that, comes unique grooming needs.

Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration for growing your ethnic beard:

#1: Trimming Is Necessary

Trimming is a must with ethnic beards. The truth is that when you don't trim your beard, you'll look sloppy. However, when you trim your beard, you'll be able to have a cleaner and healthy look besides the fact that you'll be able to maintain the shape that you want. Not trimming the beard will cause split ends.

#2: Don't Pick At Ingrown Hairs

Most black men have curly or coarse hair. So, this can easily lead to ingrown hairs. However, when you have darker skin, if you pick with ingrown hairs, you'll end up with hyperpigmentation. Darker skinned people tend to react to inflammation differently as commonly caused by razor bumps.

In case you need to deal with ingrown hairs, when you start picking on them, you'll probably end up with scars. So, the best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and figure out the best solution for your case.

#3: Remember The Skin Underneath Your Beard

With ethnic growth, you still need to clean and exfoliate your skin under your beard. And this is true if you have a lengthy and full beard.

As a rule of thumb, black men should avoid using products that contain lanolin, artificial fragrances and dyes since these can cause clogged pores, dryness, and even irritation. All natural products are your best solution here.

In addition, applying a moisturizer with sunscreen is a must and it doesn't have anything to do with your ethnicity.

#4: Your Own Beard Grooming Kit

Black men should all invest in a beard grooming kit. While you may not know, taking care of your beard is different than taking care of your hair. The truth is that most hair products black men use on their hair are usually waxy, thick and tend to contain harsh chemicals that can cause acne breakouts, clog pores and even dull complexions when used on their

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