How to Style a Goatee Beard

The goatee is one of the most popular beard styles, and for good reason. Favoured among celebs, the contemporary goatee is a hybrid of a thin moustache, a soul patch and the slightest patch of hair just under the bottom lip. To achieve the ultimate goatee, maintenance is required so head out to your nearest barber so they can help you perfect this look. If you're a DIY kind of beardsman, here are some easy steps to follow to get a stylish looking goatee.

Let it Grow!
Before you do anything, let your facial hair grow out for a couple of days. You’ll get a good sense of how and where your hair grows and whether or not this look is possible for you. If it's not, never fear! Take a look at our Beard Growth Serum for a little help.

Clean shave your neck and the sides of your face leaving only the hair around your chin and mouth area. Our Shave Oil will lubricate the face so the blade just glides across your face.

Shape your goatee and trim your hair to the desired length and style.  If you're all about symmetry, consider using an electric trimmer instead of scissors. If you're finding shaping was easier in your heard than in practise, it's not too late to head to your nearest barber for a little help.

Comb the goatee downward and trim any stray or uneven hairs.

Set your trimmer to the shortest length setting to clean up the outside lines of your goatee.  The outer edges should never extend past your smile lines.  If you’re sporting the hybrid style, your mustache should be trimmed and well-defined and the soul patch neat and tidy.

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