Quick tips for your visit to the barber

It is very intimidating to jump into a barber’s chair especially if it’s your first time trimming your beard at an unknown barber. Not to worry though, most barbers have been used to the beard growing trend in recent years and have in almost all instances, been accompanying a haircut with a beard trim for their clients. A special word of mention is that barbers are often from foreign countries so there may be a language barrier. It’s best to greet your barber and have a quick chat to get an idea of whether your instructions for the trim will be understood. Remember that this is probably the most important part of your visit to the barbershop and the decision to leave or stay.

To help with your selection of a good barber, what you could do is stop random guys who have impressive beards, whether in the mall or out and about and ask them about their experience and which barber they use. You wouldn’t find a person not willing to help a fellow gentleman on their beard growing journey.

Make sure that you prepare yourself with all the information you would like to convey before the trim. We recommend searching Instagram beforehand and taking a few screenshots of the best beard styles you have discovered to show your barber. Zoom in so your barber gets the best view of what you are looking for.

If you find that your barber has slipped up and it is too late to rectify the trim during your visit, not all is lost. With the use of our beard balm and brush you could get your beard looking balanced until you grow out in a few weeks again in time for the next trim.

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