What woman think of beards


It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone loves a beard.


As much as most men think that a majority of women love facial hair, a good number cannot actually tolerate beards. According to the evolution theory, man evolved from a more wild species that had lots of body hair. By growing beards, some women tend to associate such men with animalistic tendencies especially being overly aggressive.

They view men with grown beards as being in touch with their wild nature and are therefore turned off by them. While men associate beards with being macho.

Brenda: Beards immediately age a man. It terrifies me when I see teenagers with facial hair as I, myself, would like to look young and spry forever. I would also prefer that any potential mates also be young and spry, thus we will pass these desirable traits on to our offspring. It is just science: survival of the fittest and the fittest are beardless.


There are women who love men with beards. They consider such men ‘macho’ and can protect them in case of danger. In the natural order of things, women are known to want men who can take care of them. Since a beard is often associated with strength by such women, they are automatically attracted to them. Looking at most of the movies trying to depict old war stories, the majority of the men who saved their people from the enemy had grown beards and physical strength to match. It is a long-held assumption and these women have stuck with it.

Aaleyah: Beards are sexy as hell, especially combined with long hair that has just a touch of grease. Beards remind me of all things masculine and strong, even if the man wearing it is neither of those things. It's a longing that's been cultivated over years of watching movies with insanely sexy leading men wearing them. I beg my husband to grow a beard, but alas, his job demands that he's clean shaven. I'm relegated to vacation stubble which I take willingly.

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