A 30-Day Plan for the First-Time Beard Grower

Okay, so you’ve decided to grow out your scruff. Good stuff. Growing a beard is not for the faint of heart, especially for those who aren’t sure what to expect. But here at The Gentleman's Beard Club, we firmly believe that no hero should have to go at it alone. Whether you’re growing a tidy Connery or a full-on mountain man, here’s a helpful guide to the first four weeks — the rest is up to you.


Week 1

If you’re used to a clean-shaven face, the first week of beard growth is less about what you do, and more about what you don’t do. Be forewarned: Your  scruff is about to look weird, and feel weirder, but you have to resist the urge  to shave, trim, or cut. It’s important to get a sense for the final shape of your  beard, and hedging your luscious face forest will certainly skew the results. After day three, you’ll also begin to feel that dreaded itch. Resist the urge to scratch, lest you bring on infection, and invest in a lightweight beard oil, like this oil from the The Gentleman's Beard Club(link). Apply a few drops at the start of each day to keep it soft and smooth.


Week 2

This week is all about observation: You’ll begin to get a sense for the shape of your beard—where it’s patchy, where it’s thick—which will help you pick a  style that best suits your face. Growth is still the priority, so continue to resist  the urge to trim or clean up the edges. If desired, now is also the time to start  using a growth supplement. The itching will still persist, so keep applying your beard oil to cut down on irritation.


Week 3

Congratulations! The hardest part is over. At this point, the tiresome itch should have almost subsided, and your scruff will begin to take the shape of a beard. This is a good time to start using a cleanser (The Gentleman's Beard Wash (link), several times per week), and to begin training the hairs with a bristle brush. You can clean up patchy edges with a razor if you want, but don’t trim the hairs that you plan on keeping.


Week 4

Week Four is the first major milestone on your path towards bearded greatness. The itch should be gone, the patches should be filled, and you  should have a good sense of the final shape of your beard. Now is the time to choose a beard style: Whether you go for a well-trimmed Gosling, or an unbridled lumberjack, pick a look that suits you and stick with it. Invest in a solid safety razor, and don’t fall behind on upkeep: A poorly trimmed beard is major grooming faux pas. To that end, we’d recommend stepping it up with a low-key beard styler like The Gentleman's Beard Balm and ensure that your hairs have a healthy, subtle luster.