The Gentleman’s Beard Club is a lifestyle. One that resembles a man who dresses sharp, has impeccable manners and strives to live a fulfilled life.

Picture a gentleman sailing his yacht with his lady by his side - having earned more than enough to fulfill his desires. Simply put, he is living the dream. That’s exactly the type of personality our beard range is aimed at - toward the one who strives for the very best in life.

At The Gentleman’s Beard Club, we aren’t simply selling you a product; we’re inviting you to join our elite club. We believe in the concept of the ‘bearded gentleman’ which is trending the world over and want you to try the very best in vintage beard care products to groom you to excellence.

Our beard care range is handcrafted, natural and has been perfected down to every meticulous detail, from the formulae involved in crafting the beard oil, to the engineering behind our beard combs, to the type of caps we have selected. This culminates into products worthy of your usage.

At the end of it all, The Gentleman’s Beard Club only believes in bringing you products which equip you for greatness. Products which make you feel good when you see them, whether that may be in your home, car, at your work or even on your yacht! So go ahead and give our products a try, and always remember to live the life of a gentleman.