Beard care kit

Beard Care Kit

Beard care kit

There are a few things you need to consider before picking up a beard kit (whether its for yourself or its a present to someone).Make sure the beard grooming kit actually covers the complete morning routine.

A good starter beard grooming kit should have all of the following in the kit:

1. Beard Wash

2. Beard Conditioner

3. Beard Oil or Beard Balm

4. Beard comb

If this is your first time ever purchasing a beard grooming kit for yourself or someone else – its imperative you know how each one of the ingredients plays a pivotal role in your total beard maintenance routine. Beard wash is critical in making sure that your beard is cleansed of any of the harmful chemicals and pollutants it experiences on any given day. Your skin produces a natural oil called sebum oil. Given the length of your beard (usually a few weeks of growth), the hair follicles begin to outpace the body’s ability to produce enough oils for your beard. This is where beard oil plays a critical role.

Here’s the deal:

When using a beard wash, you want to only wash your beard a few times per week max. The more frequently you wash your hair, the dryer you are going to make your skin. If you use a bar of soap or regular old shampoo on your beard, you are likely making it much harder to maintain that it needs to be! You see when you use a beard wash, it is actually formulated to make sure that it helps cut down on any sort of itchiness and dryness that your beard will experience when it's growing and the temperatures begin to drop outside. In addition to a beard wash that is formulated for proper beard care, you will also want to make sure that you have a beard conditioner that is also included into the kit. Beard conditioners are great in adding an extra layer of oils to it to make sure that your beard is even more hydrated.

Beard conditioners are great in adding an extra layer of oils to it to make sure that your beard is even more hydrated that using nothing at all. You will notice that some beard conditioners do come packed with Pro-Vitamin B5 as well as aloe vera. Next up after using a beard wash and conditioner is to use The Gentleman's Beard Oil.

If this is your first time ever hearing about beard oil, its absolutely terrific at making your beard both look and feel great. Beard oil is one of the ultimate ways to make sure that your beard gets plenty of moisture and nutrients. You see beard oil is primarily made up of two primary ingredients – carrier oil and essential oils. Carrier oils make up the meat of the oil by compromising the super majority of the oil.

If it's your first time ever looking at beard oil just remember this – one of the best carrier oils to start with is something along the lines of jojoba (pronounced ho-ho- ba). Jojoba oil is nature's closest producing oil that matches the oils that we naturally make (remember sebum oil).

Why is this at all important?

Well the root cause of beardruff is that your beard is severely dry and is in desperate need of a good moisturizer.  If you are using head and shoulders to try and cure it – stop immediately and at the very least use beard oil instead.

The other part of beard oil is essential oils. What are those you might be wondering?  Essential oils add in a ton of aroma to the beard oil. However, if you are not interested in smelling like your grandma, don’t worry you won’t.

While essential oils do pack quite a punch, they usually smell pretty manly (cedar, pine, etc) and the aroma will largely dissipate within a few hours. But essential oils do more than just give you this nice aroma for the morning hours – in fact there are ingredients like tea tree that are great at helping stamp out beardruff even further along with helping prevent acne and other bacterial infections. You will discover there are a TON of essential oils, so be sure to purchase

The Gentleman's Beard Club products.

Lastly the application for beard oil is super simple. Simply pour out about a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand, rub them together, and finally massage your beard and coat your beard from the root of the follicle down to the tip of your beard. You definitely want to make sure you cover the skin your beard grows on if you are serious about making sure you have absolutely no beardruff! All this talk about beard oil, well then what’s the deal about beard balms? See all that stuff we just said about beard oils, well remember all of that as they are all in beard balms as well! But beard balms also introduce a few other ingredients to the mix. Namely beeswax and butter. No not your typical dairy type of butter! But in most cases you will see either a shea or cocoa butter. These ingredients help in two parts about beard balm – the spreadability and an extra layer of moisture. As mentioned – the other key ingredient to beard balm is beeswax. Beeswax is great in that it helps give your beard a slight hold throughout the day.