Beard shampoo and conditioner


Beard shampoo and conditioner

Traditionally, woman have been the big spenders when it comes to beauty specific toiletries. For the first time ever since 2013, we saw men spend more on male specific toiletries than on shaving products.

This can be boiled down to a few conclusions; first being that men are caring more about their appearance, which has also contributed to men spending more on clothing and accessories.
The second and easiest conclusion to jump on would be that men are simply shaving less. The less you shave, the more you should learn about beard care essentials and fundamentals!

No one likes it bushy, itchy and dry; it is a fact.


Why using shampoo and conditioner?

Have you ever heard “I tried to grow my beard out, but I had irritation”? Well, this is because when you stop shaving, your skin produces more dead skin cells that get trapped in the bristles of your new developing beard.

Washing your beard with regular scalp hair shampoo will actually make the irritation worse, and leave your beard dry, lifeless and will result in itchy beard hair similar to steel wool. Washing with a proper beard shampoo/ wash will help clear this up for you while replenishing natural oils stripped away by other shampoos and soaps.

Beard hair easily traps smells such as food odor and cigarette smoke; another reason that proper care is needed to eliminate these odors and keep your beard smelling fresh.

How and When to use them?

We have been so busy talking about beard shampoo and beard wash that many should start asking themselves question on how and when to apply them. Well, after wetting your beard, pour a quarter size amount of The Gentleman's Beard Wash into your palm and rub your hands together to create a lather. Use more product if necessary, depending on the size of your beard.

The all natural oils will work to condition your beard, so the longer you allow the product to sit, the softer it will become.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

You should NOT use traditional hair shampoo on the beard because not only does it strip away the nutrients in the hairs, it will taste horrible if it comes in contact with your mouth while washing.

The beard shampoos are specially formulated for cleaning your beard and even your mustache. Because these shampoos are specially formulated to condition the hair, you can use less for each washing, allowing you to preserve the bottle for twice as long as your regular shampoo.