Beard softener : Why using them?

Having your beard will eventually take
you to that situation where you will have to
choose between losing it and not receiving
any kisses from your girlfriends.

Here are some advices to win them all (The kisses and your beard).

Firstly, Beards can become rough for some reasons which are:
Reason number 1: When it's dry and when the beard hair follicles are not moisturized.
Reason number 2: Split end sand knots forming in the beard.
To make your beard softer and comfortable you’ll need to pick up quality Beard softener (beard oil, a beard wash and a quality beard balm). Make sure you know the differences between those three types of beard grooming products.
Secondly, follow this precise easy steps to use Beard softener for a smooth and well groomed beard:
STEP 1: In the morning, wash your face with warm water. Use beard wash on your beard and rinse. Wait or pad dry with a towel then, add a few drops of beard oil in your hand and massage it into your beard.
Washing with warm water opens your pores and allows the beard oil to really soak in. Rub the beard oil in your hands and then comb in throughout your entire beard with your hands and fingers all the way down to skin on your face. What the beard oil does is add moisture to your beard.
STEP 2: At night, after you shower, apply a very small amount of beard balm into your beard. Rub the beard balm between your palms to heat it and make it workable. With an even spread of beard balm in the hands, work it throughout your beard from the roots to the end of the follicles.
Where the main purpose of the oil is to add moisture, the beard balm will address the split ends and knots.