Beard styling Accessories

Anyone who has grown a beard, knows that there are really only two ways to keep that beard and mustache trimmed and looking well groomed. You either need to use a pair of good barber scissors or a beard and mustache trimmer. While both devices will give you the look that you want, beard and mustache trimmers require a bit less skill and they are easier for most people to use.


There are many dedicated beard and mustache trimmers on the market and even all-inclusive body trimmers that do a good and even great job of whipping your beard and mustache into shape and keeping it looking great. So, you really should spend a little bit of time researching to determine which of these trimmers will best suit your individual needs.

The old school way

Some men prefer to forget the beard and mustache trimmers’ altogether and trim their beard and mustache the old school way with just a beard comb and pair of beard or mustache trimming scissors. Whether you want to trim the entire beard with scissors or use a beard trimmer, having a decent pair of beard trimming scissors on hand to clip those occasional rouge whiskers or to help shape that facial hair is a good idea.

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be groomed in order to help it lay correctly and remove tangles and snarls. A beard or mustache comb should have rounded tips to prevent scratching the skin underneath all that facial hair, and be sturdy enough to untangle and straighten your beard or mustache regardless of its thickness.

Shave oil

A shave oil penetrates and holds water in the skin, helping the skin to be moisturized and stay very supple. That helps the skin bend or conform significantly to the shape of the blade before it will be torn or cut by the blade. Shave oil gives the skin the property of being supple.

How to apply shave oil

First wet face and beard with warm water. This saturates the skin and opens pores allowing the oil to begin good absorption Then rub in shave oil.

Shave as usual.