Famous Bearded Men You May Know Part 1

From the bad boy goatee that draws good girls in to the jolly white beard of Santa Claus, famous beards are recognized all over the world. A beard can be both comforting and a major sex symbol. The rough and gruff of famous bearded men runs the gamut. But when you think about famous bearded men, who come to your mind first? Is it President Abraham Lincoln, Civil War General Ambrose Burnside or sports man Yosemite Sam? Now let's get close to the following famous bearded men.

1- Hashim Amla: The Bearded Batting Maestro

Hashim Amla defines class and elegance as a batsman. He is a quiet man who possesses a saint like temperament but, has always displayed a strong penchant for run scoring on the field. Regarded as on the best modern day cricketers, Amla’s achievements with the bat have been extraordinary. Most of his success is due to his ability to adapt to any format and conditions. He is currently South Africa’s most prolific top-order batsmen across all three formats. His batting style is very wristy and is a treat to watch when playing the cover drives and leg-side flicks.


2- Rick Ross: The Lyricist

I have watched most of the videos by Rick Ross as he free styles and boy doe he really stand out! Whether he is on a collaborated video with Lil Kim, Young Jeezy or Akon, Rick Ross always stand out for his dark, well- trimmed beards. Some people may be tempted to think it is artificial. If you have always wanted to grow beards like Rick Ross, it is possible but you have to be self-disciplined and follow a regime of beard treatment. 

3- Ryan Gosling: The Actor

Ryan Gosling has a shabby yet well-trimmed beard, which can take you from the office to the bar in one fail swoop. The key to this look is to make sure that your wardrobe is slick and that the rest of your appearance is well kept and tidy. The trick to shabby beards is using this as an accent tool for an otherwise masculine look; you do not want to step into hobo territory. What you will get in return is an effortlessly chic beard that begs women to touch.

4- Che Guevara: The Politician

Nobody wants their revolution to be led by a clean-cut pretty boy. When Che Guevara burst onto the political scene, his scruffy beard and scraggly hair became the symbol of an entire movement. Even today, on the various Guevara T-shirts and posters that line the dorm rooms of naive college kids everywhere, his beard still stands as the official facial hair of rebellion.

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