How Often Should You Be Washing Your Beard?

When it comes to your beard, if you are at a medium length (greater than .5″) you are going to want and wash it every couple of days.

The reason being for this, just like the hair on the top of your head, the more frequently you wash it, the less of a chance that the beneficial oils from your skin get to absorb into the hair follicles.

So washing it everyday is a bit of overkill.

However if you can’t resist washing it every day, then you should definitely be pairing up your beard with some beard oil.

This way you do have the occasional beardruff that may occur when you run your fingers through your beard on a regular basis.

Regarding the actual method of washing your beard you can definitely go different routes.

If its your first time, try using regular shampoo for a week and see how it turns out.  If everything is great, then awesome!

The next alternative that you can try is simply using the bar of soap.  Personally we would recommend one that is loaded with moisturizers, this way you aren’t opening your beard to getting dried out and looking scraggly.

The most expensive option would be to get yourself your own beard maintenance kit like this one here.

As you can see, it contains both a beard wash and balm for your beard itself.