How To Remedy a Dry, Itchy Beard


In concept, growing a full-bodied beard is one of the most satisfying things a man can do. However, reality isn’t nearly so forgiving. Shorn beard hairs, made sharp by your razor, will irritate skin as they grow, producing enough redness and itching to drive a man to the brink. If you’re planning to grow out your scruff this season, here’s how to keep that itch at bay. Ignore the itch. When you’re first growing a beard, it will itch pretty heavily at times. Your skin has to get used to having all this hair on there, but it will get better after a few weeks. Don’t give up and shave just because it starts to get itchy.

What causes beard itch?

The first step in treating an itchy beard is to understand the cause. The problem of the itchy beard begins when one shaves it. As the new follicles grow out, they cut into the skin and cause severe irritation. This is because some razors are designed to lift out and cut the hairs from deep in the skin. As the follicles grow out, they dig into the skin causing tiny serrations. Hundreds of thousands of these minor cuts can lead to a maddening irritation that makes one want to yank at their face. Another reason behind the itchy beard is dead skin cells. These skin cells are stuck to the hairs as they grow out and end up rubbing against the skin. This leads to a very irritating beard. The other most common cause of the itchy beard is dry skin. Beard hair is usually coarse; as it rubs against the dry, caked skin, it causes anasty itch.

A cure for the itch

In order to cure an itchy beard, you will need a few supplies:

 Hair conditioner

 Moisturizing cream

 A moustache and/or beard Comb

 A razor (electric)

 Shampoo

 Tweezers

Extra Tip– Keep it moisturized. Hydrate your beard daily with some premium oil. Not only will this keep your beard hydrated, it will also add a great manly smell.