How to take care of your beard

1) Cleanse

“Whilst facial hair should be washed regularly, it is important to remember that the hair on your head is very different to the hair on your chin. Regular shampoo contains chemicals which strip the natural oils from your scalp and hair. Using regular shampoo on your facial hair will ultimately leave it looking dull and lifeless, like a well-used Brillo pad – trust me, you don’t want that. Specialist beard shampoos (of which there are now many to choose from for all budgets) are free from harsh, stripping agents. We recommend the Gentleman's Beard Wash, which will leave your beard feeling fresh, clean and, most importantly, hydrated.”

2) Moisturise

“It is important to remember to keep both your beard and the skin beneath it hydrated. To moisturise your beard, consider investing in a good beard balm. This will give you the hold of a wax coupled with the conditioning agents of an oil. We recommend The Gentleman's Beard Balm, which will leave your beard feeling soft, smooth and perfectly groomed. You should also continue to apply your normal daily moisturiser directly to the skin beneath your beard, leaving as little residue behind as possible.

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3) Comb

“Regularly combing your beard stimulates the blood flow to the beard follicles and encourages healthy growth, it also distributes the natural oils along the hair shaft, improving condition. Combing your beard after applying beard balm, serum or oil will reduce friction, prevent pulling and minimise hair breakage. We recommend investing in a beard comb, (A handy pocket comb for your beard grooming during the day).

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