Soften Your Beard : Useful TIPS

Besides generally making you more good-looking, growing a beard can have a ton of benefits. For example, if you’ve got a weak chin, a beard can be a great way to visually make up the difference. Or, say you live somewhere with less-than-balmy winters. A little face fur can serve the same purpose as a ski mask, sans bank-robber-y overtones. But as with all good things, there are still downsides—mainly, the upkeep.

Coarse, curly, and unrelentingly unruly, the hair on your face is more apt to resemble the stuff below your belt than what's on the top of your head. Meaning that, just like downstairs, you’re going to need to take certain precautions to keep things hospitable. Your chief concern here: texture. Beards have a tendency to become itchy nightmares if not tended to correctly, which won’t suck just for you (who’ll scratch it raw), but also for anyone whose face is going to come in contact with your own. Avoid all that by following these tips to cut that prickly mess off at the pass.

Trim Less: Doesn’t matter whether it’s a razor, scissors, or clippers; every time you take a blade to your beard, you create jagged edges at the ends of the hairs with the potential to irritate your face and the faces of others. By simply cutting your beard less often, you reduce your risk of itchy injury dramatically. So, if you’re one of the lucky few who have the option to sport a full face forest to the office each day, go for it. If not, well, keep reading.

Wash Often: Every day, your face takes a beating. From dirt and oil to the elements, all manner of grime has a way of making it onto your visage, and all the while your beard is right there, absorbing it accordingly. Therefore, it’s important to clean the thing two or three times a week, with a beard-specific shampoo if at all possible, to get rid of gunk while at the same time refreshing and softening the hair. Softer hair equals less itch; that’s just science.

Condition It: Like any other hair on your body, the follicles in your beard need certain key ingredients to look and feel their best (a.k.a. supple, not sharp). The trouble is, soap and shampoo have a habit of removing these key elements, so you’re going to need to put them back yourself. Conditioners, will help with that, taming flyaways and providing softness and shine by restoring the minerals and oils your hair craves.

Brush It: If your face looks like a family of birds has recently taken residence, then chances are it’s going to feel like that when you go to kiss your partner. So grab a beard-size brush or comb, and go to town.

Style It: A good product can keep the hair on top of your head in check. What makes you think styling your beard would be any different? Like mustache wax, but way less pretentious, beard balm will help you direct your facial hair into whatever form you see fit. Plus, it’ll help suppress any spikiness. Which is the whole point, after all.