The Beard Psychology : A Society Perspective

They Shape How Attractive, Dominant, And Aggressive Men Seem

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a nice face mane could go a long way with the ladies. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia asked 351 women and 177 heterosexual men to rate photos of 10 men based on attractiveness, masculinity, health, and potential parenting ability. Men with a heavy, 10-day beard were deemed most attractive by women; those with a full beard scored highest in perceived parenting skills among both women and heterosexual men. Men with a light stubble scored lowest across all categories, even compared to clean-shaven men.

In employment, for example.

A capable clean-shaven job applicant may be, at worst, viewed as inexperienced on some level, but malleable also and willing to conform and “fit in”.

A fully-bearded capable job applicant may be, at worst, seen as a person with their own opinions a Stubble, on the other hand, may be seen as a sign of an applicant simply having not made the effort to shave (and therefore simple laziness, or disregard), or else vanity and self-importance (therefore not a “team player”).

Also, how are you going to get any work done when you're so busy being sexy? No thanks. Get out of my office stubble-face!

Rather than being viewed as a grungy man who doesn’t have goals, you can be seen as a cool hipster, as a distinguished academic, as sexy mountain man. If any of those descriptions appeal to you, then a beard may be your next grooming adventure. But you won’t be viewed negatively because you’ll be in style!