Top 5 Beard Care Products

Grooming your beard correctly takes patience and time. There are many beard products out there that can really help you to develop that thick, healthy, and manly beard. Here are top 5 most used beard care products that will help with your grooming process as you grow and maintain your beard.

1. The Importance of Beard Balm

Of all the beard grooming supplies that you need to maintain a quality looking and feeling beard, the beard balm could have the biggest positive impact. The beard balm helps to provide the facial hair the nourishment it needs to grow healthy while reducing the discomfort that can be associated with the early stages of facial hair development.

Applying the beard balm will help to keep the hair soft while working to reduce that itchy discomfort that can affect the skin under the beard. The key is getting the balm over every strand of hair in order to enjoy the maximum results. Similar to a leave-in moisturizer for your hair, the beard balm will remain working long after you apply it.

The beard balm also has exceptional hydration properties too. Keeping the hair hydrated is important for growth and for ensuring the overall appearance of the beard is striking. One of the most important factors concerning the beard balm is the protecting qualities.

The balm can not only help ensure moisture stays trapped in the hairs, it can protect from damage against wind and the dangerous rays of the sun. High-quality organic beard balm with Shea butter or beeswax also give that extra oomph to your beard, especially if the facial hair is thick, coarse, or long.

The beard balm works effectively to tame flyaway hair, especially in between trims. You will certainly notice that your beard not only feels softer, it will have a noticeable healthy shine too. For those guys with especially long and wild beards, the beard balm does double duty as a type of styling gel.

The best time to apply the beard balm is after you shower, or anytime that the facial hair is damp. Simply rub some of the beard balm between your fingers and apply generously over the entire beard.

Remember one thing, a small amount of the beard balm will go a long way, so continue massaging the balm deep into the beard and the skin below.


Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and a signature blend of handpicked essential oils from around the world.


2. Utilizing a Quality Beard Comb


When it comes to using a beard comb, you have to realize this is not the same as combing the hair on your head. There are rounded, short, long, and pick beard combs, all designed to help guys with specific type facial hair.

Then you need to consider the material of the beard comb and whether it has wide or fine teeth. To make this easier for guys, the first thing you should consider are the teeth in the beard comb.

For guys with longer beards, always choose a beard comb with wide teeth to help clear out those tangles and knots. Guys with fine hair beards will benefit from a comb with fine teeth to help shape and maintain your facial hair.

Most beard combs are manufactured in metal, plastic, wood, or even bone, and the price jumps considerably as you go from plastic to bone. The better quality the material of the comb is designed for longer beards that are difficult to manage.

Smaller plastic combs work perfectly on those beards with shorter fine hair. Regardless which type beard comb you choose, it is important to understand that this grooming device does so much more than simply style your beard. The beard comb first reduces tangles and knots that can easily develop in the facial hair.

The beard comb first reduces tangles and knots that can easily develop in the facial hair. The comb is utilized to distribute beard oils and balm into all the hairs on your face. The comb helps to ensure you do not miss any areas of the beard that you would if you were only using your fingers to spread the oils.

The comb distributes your product and is tames the hairs to cooperate and grow in a particular manner as well. The wide teeth combs allow the hair to be spread apart so certain grooming products can get deep down to the roots and the skin on the face more easily. Consider getting a beard comb combo package that comes complete with some essential oils and balms. The comb not only grooms the beard, it helps to

The comb not only grooms the beard, it helps to remove any dandruff or dead skin that might be accumulating deep in the beard. It is important to choose the right width teeth on the comb for your beard. If you choose just any beard comb, it can pull out the hair at the roots and lead to serious skin discomfort and irritation.


3. Protecting Your Skin with Beard Oil

The beard oil is an essential grooming product that helps to support and grow all different types of facial hair. This product is usually developed with essential oil that can be produced with a variety of fragrances. The reason it is so important to go with organic beard oils is because the facial hair is far more coarse than hair on your head.

The facial hair benefits greatly from pure ingredients that will allow you to groom and keep up the look you prefer. The beard oil will allow you to pull off that well-groomed and shaped look that is visually appealing while enjoying a more comfortable feeling beard.

Beard oil is also known as beard conditioner and for very good reason. The beard oil serves double duty as it moisturizes the facial hair and soothes the skin beneath. As the oil is evenly distributed with your beard comb, it works its way down the hair shaft to the follicles, and then on to the skin below where is helps to reduce itching.

Most of the men develop what is called beard-ruff, a form of dandruff and the beard oil combats the symptoms associated with those itchy little flakes. Incorporating the beard oil into your nightly routine will significantly reduce the appearance of those embarrassing while flakes in the beard.

For guys who are trying to grow and establish their manly beards, the beard oil is essential for cutting down on the itching and irritation that usually occurs within the first few months of growth. The oil helps to set the optimal conditions for growing a healthy looking beard, preventing breakage, and split ends as the hairs grow. The

The beard oil is an important tool in your efforts to grow a healthy looking beard because it works to keep the hairs growing uniform and prevents those stragglers that can really disrupt the appearance of your facial hair. One of the things to consider with a beard oil is the fragrance.

The majority of the beard oils do come with fragrances, and it is advisable you choose one that has a scent you enjoy because unlike the hair on your head, the facial hair is directly under your nose and you will occasionally be smelling that oil. Choose an organic oil with a fragrance you enjoy and your beard will look and smell amazing.

4. Moisturize You Facial Hair with Beard Wash

One of the most popular trends, when it pertains to men’s grooming, is the beard shampoo. These products are specifically designed to treat coarse beard hairs and the skin below. The beard wash is developed differently than the shampoo that you would use on your head, and for good reason.

The skin under your beard is much more sensitive than the scalp, and organic ingredients that work to soothe and not irritate the skin can help to provide relief from discomfort and help the hairs to grow more healthy. Under the beard, the facial hair is trying to sprout through thick skin and other hair shafts. If the hair is too coarse, this growing process can be extremely uncomfortable for the majority of men, and the main reason most guys wind up shaving off the beard within the first two months.

The beard wash will cleanse the facial hair thoroughly and help to remove flakes, dirt, and contaminants trapped deep below the facial hairs. The end result is a smoother and softer beard, helping to reduce those unsightly dandruff flakes that can easily accumulate in the beard. Although the beard shampoos might appear costly, you only need a very small amount to properly cleanse the facial hair.

Those with a long and thick beard especially will benefit greatly from a quality beard shampoo. Regular shampoo strips away the natural oils in the facial hair, leaving it brittle and susceptible to breakage. Beard wash helps to moisturize those coarse longer hairs and reduce the likelihood of flakes developing.

Utilizing a beard wash every time that you shower will help to transform even the wildest beards. The wash makes it easier to run a styling comb through and will help when you apply your beard balm for styling. The beard wash will reduce the appearance of a flaky red face than can result from using hair shampoo on your face.

One thing to consider when you are starting out growing a beard is that those first few weeks are the most challenging because stubble irritates the skin to the point of itching and scratching that further aggravates your face.

The beard wash will help those guys just starting out growing their beards by allowing them to get through this rough stage more easily. The beard wash will soften the hair while removing any dead skin cells that are left on the surface of the face.

5. Cleansing with an Organic Beard Soap

The importance of using a beard soap can not be understated. The beard soap is specifically designed to treat facial hair and the skin on your face. Although the beard soap primarily cleanses the hair follicles of debris, there are many other benefits that help to make grooming your beard much easier.

The cleansing capabilities of the beard soap are extremely important, and should be your top consideration for buying this product. The longer the facial hair, the more allergens, debris, food particles, and dirt, can become trapped deep below the surface.The exfoliate ingredient in the beard soap lathers well and will easily remove any grime or dirt that has accumulated in the beard during the day.

The beard soap helps with manageability and keeps both the hair and skin moisturized, allowing your facial hair to look healthier. Frequent showers and beard shampoos strip away many of the natural oils in the hair, so a quality beard soap can help to cleanse without stripping away those oils.

The best organic beard soap will leave your beard very manageable after drying, free of any tangles and with some added volume. The soap will allow you to comb the hair more easily without risk of breakage. With a good quality beard soap, you will be able to muster up a really nice lather, and that lather will be able to penetrate deep into the beard and reach the delicate skin below.

Like the beard oils, balms, and wash, the beard soap does come with fragrances that can often time overwhelm you due to the close proximity of the nose. Choose a beard soap with either no fragrance or one that is mild enough that you only get gentle hints of it. When choosing your beard soap, it is important to remember that the larger the bar, the more bang you are going to get for your buck.


Remember the skin under your beard is especially vulnerable to harsh ingredients, so try to go all-natural and find one that fits in your budget so you will give your face and hairs a chance to get accustomed to the ingredients.

Utilizing one or more of the best beard care products will help you to grow a thicker, healthier, longer, stronger, and cleaner beard. Getting past those dreaded first few months is much easier with the help of these grooming products. Keeping your beard well maintained is a breeze when you start to implement a few of these products into your daily grooming routine.