What’s The Purpose of a Beard Comb?

The beard comb can be quite the go to tool for your beard arsenal in the morning or at any time of day really (although you don’t have to worry about combing it more than a couple of times).

You see a beard comb can be helpful in several ways that you would have never imagined when maintaining your beard.

First off: The beard comb itself can help prevent ingrown hairs.


You see when your beard grows in, it can come in several different directions – especially along the neck area.

When you run a beard comb through it a few times in a given day it can help ‘train’ your hairs to grow in a proper direction.

Once the hair becomes groomed to grow away from your skin, it greatly lessens the chances that it ultimately becomes ingrown.

The second important part here in training your beard is to also train your mustache.  If you prefer to have a longer mustache that goes to the sides instead of trimming it completely off every few weeks, regular combing of the beard will help tremendously.

The best time to comb your beard would be after a shower and AFTER you apply beard oil.  The reason being for this is that when you apply the beard oil, the beard comb can help make sure that the oil is equally distributed along your beard.

In addition if you comb after applying beard oil, you will have a much easier time untangling it.

Can’t I just use a comb I have lying around?


You see a beard brush is actually designed a bit differently than the regular old comb that you might have locked away in your medicine cabinet.

The biggest difference is how the bristles are spaced apart between the two combs.

If you look at the beard combs, they are typically spaced evenly apart in order to prevent any snagging or causing split ends.

Often times you will see that the comb is split into two sections of widths.

Beard brush vs comb – what’s the difference?

When it comes between the classic boars head brush or a beard comb, a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

Brushing is a bit more vigorous of a process and may lead to unintentional damage to your hair if you do it too often (i.e. don’t do it more than once a day).

However with a beard comb, you can do it a few more times throughout the day without the risk of damage.

Materials are another big factor when it comes to deciding on your type of comb or brush.

If you get the dollar store comb or brush it will likely be made of cheap materials that will cause static and break your hair due to the bristles being too close together.

This will reduce static and look a whole lot better.  Don’t worry the cost is only a few bucks more than your cheap budget comb.