Doors open at The Gentleman's Beard Club!

The doors swing open and the day has finally arrived for the official launch of The Gentleman's Beard Club! Who are we? Well, we are a vintage beard grooming company that you bearded gentlemen out there can use for all your beard grooming needs.

That aside, we intend to blog about the lifestyle of the bearded gentleman and the class associated with this new culture in South Africa. We want to encourage all you out there to think about the life you aspire to live, encourage you to visit places you haven't been to before but most importantly, to live the dream!

On this blog, we plan to share life experiences of bearded gentlemen, teach you life lessons that will assist you daily and to create a community so we can learn from each other. You can also be sure to find beard grooming tips.

We are excited about this blog and we're excited to have you as a reader. Please feel free to get in touch and inform us about what you would like to be reading about and we would gladly consider it. Email us on 

This club belongs to us!

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