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Grey bar of shave soap along green leaves and peppercorn next to it
Grey bar of shave soap with foam on top and an open box at an angle in the background

Beard & Shave Soap - Fresh Wood

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Imagine waking up each morning and looking forward to using soap on your face. The Gentleman's Beard and Shave Soap has been handcrafted with natural ingredients to provide a refreshing shave along your beard neckline or moustache. Customers at our preferred barbers are glad to use this soap because it creates a rich shaving lather, cleanses beard follicles, moisturises skin and leaves a subtle, signature scent. Our soap is so effective that you may use it to control skin conditions such as acne, 

The Gentleman's Beard and Shave Soap also soothes skin ailments and improves skin elasticity while enhancing tone and complexion.


Aqua, saponified Extra Virgin cold-pressed Olive Oil, organic cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Rice germ Oil, Palm Oil, Shea butter, cold-pressed Avocado Oil, Healing Earth, activated charcoal, kelp (seaweed), Castor Oil, hand-made organic Vanilla extract, Sandalwood Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Bergamot Oil, Ginger Oil, Juniper berry Oil, Parsley Oil, Coriander Oil.

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