Which beard company to buy from

Every so often, we come and go through new trends in our lives. This is good for you because it gives you the opportunity to experience new things in life. Beards, some would say, is a trend, but we are fast seeing the growing amount of men sporting beards. Just look around you; look in magazines, on billboards, in storefront advertisements. What's the one thing about the male models that you notice? Most have beards! This is testament to the new beard culture that has taken the world by storm from Europe to the US and now in our very own South Africa.

We agree that we aren't the only beard grooming business in the market and that there are amazing companies out there, but you will have your favorites, no doubt. Your responsibility is to choose a beard grooming company that you can trust, one that has an excellent customer service policy, speedy shipping standards, quality packaging and are committed to the beard industry and the bearded gentleman.   

Another way to determine whether a beard grooming company is here to serve you is to judge the quality of the ingredients they use in their products. Are they simply providing you with inferior ingredients that seem good to use, or have you understood the ingredients and why they are good for you? A beard company that believes in providing you with the best will no doubt use premium, high quality ingredients that will yield amazing hair and skin benefits for you. At The Gentleman's Beard Club, we only source the best ingredients from around the world and produce a product that looks like it is worthy of being given as a gift. Our packaging has been specifically sourced and crafted to create a certain look which resembles vintage times. Our bottles are classic and neat which was intended because as a gentleman we understand that you travel, and move around frequently. We want you to travel in style! Our Website also conveys a certain message; one that is clean, crisp and on par with what online shoppers want to see.

Overall, we like to think of ourselves as being a classy company that you would be proud to buy from. We certainly stand by the quality of our products and most importantly we want to build a long term relationship with you gentlemen out there.