Featured Gentleman - Ricardo Rodrigues

Who I am

My name is Ricardo Rodrigues, I was born and bread in the South of Johannesburg (though those who meet me afresh would never say so). I was brought up in Bassonia in a Portuguese home with two SUPER awesome parents (who are both amazing in the kitchen) and two older siblings (just as awesome).  I have walked many roads in this life learning many, many lessons.

What I'm All About

I strive to live each day to the best of my ability in serving society despite my shortfalls. I consider myself a chivalrous and humbled gentleman who is learning so much about my walk in this life and will continue to do so indefinitely. I strive to be as humanitarian in my career as possible and at every off hour, get lost in music as much as possible. As an emerging Architect I am currently completing my Master's Degree at UJ while running my own practice part time which pays all the bills, and buys me my beard maintenance kit from The Gentleman's Beard Club. As a Musician/Songwriter I have three main avenues down which I venture; writing Music that inspires people through my life's experiences & then writing what I like to term "doodles", just light hearted songs about mundane issues (this proves to be very fun).

My hobbies include snowboarding in winter and mountain biking in summer. Not that this next one is really a hobby but, often when I'm alone I find myself pulling ridiculous faces in front of the mirror, mouthing sound effects to match and then laughing away at how crazy people would think I am if they could actually see me, its a great pass-time... I do encourage it.

What have I learned in Life?

My destination in this life is unknown, like a breeze you don't know where it came from or where it is going but you can sense its direction. I guess I do my best not to worry about tomorrow, today has enough worries of its own hey. I have also learned that no matter how much you think you know, there is always infinitely more to learn. Lastly, no matter how down and out you think you might be, as long as there is breath in your lungs... there is hope. 

What is my biggest Achievement?

In 2006 I was admitted to a rehabilitation center for a narcotics addiction, I was 22 years old. So overcoming that, then later starting and completing my education in Architecture, I guess would count as one. You're never too old to study. Aside from that my biggest achievement I would say was walking down a road which lead me to realising what true success really is and in my opinion, it doesn't lie in riches and fame. I always keep God in mind and am a firm believer in receiving his assistance.

What is Success?

As cheesy as it sounds... Love! People nowadays are way too quick to use that term loosely. We liken it to shoes and a good burger which subconsciously waters down its true meaning. Love! Love towards people and towards what you choose to do with this life. To me, its very easy to have crowds around you and to be liked on the surface by many, but establishing the deepest kind friendships and relationships that last a lifetime... now that's what I call success. Over and above that, truly loving others. It's easy to love the likable, but loving an enemy is next level...

Why I Grew a Beard

It is my 30th birthday gift to myself ;) I've always wanted to grow one... I feel that it adds to my adventurous spirit and reinforces in me the notion that this life will be lived the way I choose to live it! It has become such a part of me. It also teaches me that like everything in life, maintenance and balance is everything. I'll be honest, if it wasn't for the Beard Kit that I bought from The Gentleman's Beard Club and following your sound advice on maintaining my beard on a day to day basis, people would not be able to distinguish my chin from the crown of my head, and I would probably have shaved it off ages ago. Alas, with the right guidance and proper tools, it has taken a shape that sparks many conversations and has become an extension of my personality, so thanks guys!


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