Habits of well groomed men

Do you know how to spot a well groomed man? Aside from the obvious sign of him looking good, he's also the one that's usually always surrounded by women, has the respect of his peers and just seems like he always has things together. While these may all be aspects that are gained over time, never underestimate a first impression. Research by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital has shown that people assess your competence and trustworthiness in a quarter of a second (250 milliseconds) - based solely on how you look.

Here's how to look your best.

1 | Become a regular at your local barber 

crew mens grooming sandtonMen who look good almost always have one thing in common. Their barber's number is on speed dial. Schedule an appointment in every four weeks and you'll be thanking us. It really makes a difference in how you look and feel to be well groomed. The other bonus is that it's a bit of a treat to leave feeling good, looking good and ready to take on anything. Check out our list of tried and tested barbers who can groom you.


 2 | Find a Hair Product that Works 


hair wax matte for menHere's a fact that will make you say what! A Google grooming trends report showed that in 2015 there were 6% more searches online about men's hair than women's hair. It just goes to show that grooming matters but with so many different products out there, where do you begin? Our team spent time developing a new range of hair products, developed for the gentleman who doesn't want to use all sorts of chemicals in his hair. Our new range has a couple of South Africa firsts and guarantees no product build up or embarrassing white flakes.







3 | Cleanse your face


A lesser known men's grooming secret is to look after the skin beneath the beard but you'll need to stay away from soaps and face washes with chemicals. They will just dry out your skin. We would rather recommend a Beard Wash that has a formulation which is known to strengthen beard hair and growth after sustained usage.In addition to cleansing, it would soften and refresh your beard too.



4 | Smell Great, All the Time

A man who smells good can never go wrong. Right? Right.  Aside from colognes, the products to choose to groom with should also have a scent that women and men can appreciate. There is something about a gentleman that is well 'cologned' as this usually says something about his personality, mood for the day and obviously his appeal.





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