Featured Gentleman - Julius Snyman


Who am I?

My name is Julius Snyman. I grew up in Witbank, matriculated from HTS Witbank in 2011. From there I moved to Durban to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a professional rugby player. I attended The Sharks Rugby Academy in 2012-2013. After a long list of injuries I decided that rugby was not my thing. I came back up north to Piet Retief and started working at Trollope Mining Services and have done that since.


What am I all about?

I am all about going forward in life. I always wanted to make a success of myself and therefore put my everything into whatever I'm busy with.  I'm a firm believer in you never stop learning. You can learn something from a little kid sitting next to you on the bench, the old lady you talk to while you wait for your food and even your dog that loves you unconditionally no matter where you are in your life.


      What have I learned in life?

      I have learned in life that it is never too late to make your dreams come true. Even if it doesn't work out on the first try, if you keep pushing and working towards your goal it will never be too far to reach. But the most important thing that life has taught me is that love conquers everything. Love will win every time.

      What is success?

      To me success is waking up in bed, being excited to go to work (because that's the job you always wanted) and being happy with the life you have and the people you have in it.


          Why did I grow a beard?

          At the very beginning I must admit I was a woman. I shaved three times a week, looking all neat and young. Then one day I got hungry, there was no food in the house so I ate my razor. And from that day my life changed, I became a man and started bearding.

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