Featured Gentleman - Mohammed Uzair Bhamjee

Who am I?

I am Mohammed Uzair Bhamjee, a student of the Middelburg Muslim School. I am currently in matric and passionate about cycling. I am a cyclist riding for Team Valencia  powered by "Valencia - The Home Of VBike" and "Osman's Optometrists".

What Am I All About?

For those who know me, will surely agree that I am a bubbly young man with a warm personality. I see myself as an extrovert and I love meetings and interacting with different types of people. I try to involve myself in as many community projects as I can (when available). I am also part of the "Green Deen SA outreach Team" which allows me once again to contribute towards the community.

What Have I Learnt In Life?

To always be patient during affliction and when in discomfort. Throughout our lives we continue to face new challenges. Life is like a journey,  there are times when it is smooth sailing and sometimes rocky. But what I've learnt, is that for every problem there is a solution. And every difficulty that we face in life is there to make us become stronger. The most important thing is to face our challenges in a positive manner without hasty decisions or panic because if you treat everything as a matter of life and death you will die many times.

What Is Success?

Success to me is to have a good sense of direction in your life because without good direction, you will never get anywhere. Knowing who you are,  where you are heading and what your purpose on this earth is, is the key to your success.  Having your priorities in order and living in accordance to the commands of our creator is undoubtedly bound to leading you towards a successful path. I believe that the true outcome of our success or whether we have been successful is to be determined when we meet with our creator.

Why Do I keep A Beard?

Being a primary distinguishing factor between males and females, and a practice upheld by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), I choose to maintain a beard. Apart from the beard being a sign of masculinity, there are numerous medically proven health benefits to keeping a beard. Interestingly enough, 95% of UV rays emitted by the sun are blocked by beards, therefore reducing the risk of skin Cancer, so the thicker the hair the better. No need to worry about bacterial infections, nicks and cuts or ingrown hairs and spots, which are some of the hazards caused by shaving.  My beard keeps me warm in winter and is an advantage when I cycle as it also provides insulation.

In parting, I would like to thank all my sponsors Valencia Cycling (Vbike), Osman's Optometrists and Bella's Photography for assisting me in all ways possible with my cycling career


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