A Look Into Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Throughout our journey building The Gentleman’s Beard Club and doing our regular barber visits, we’ve heard many barbers mentioning that their customers encounter one of the biggest and most common fears - hair loss and hair thinning. As unsettling as it sounds, as a gentleman, you can cope with this problem in a graceful manner and make use of means to cover bald spots or your receding hairline. We do agree that this condition also presents other challenges possibly resulting in becoming anti-social and having a depressed state mind. The question is, what can you do about this? We wouldn’t want you to experience any of the negative psychological effects which is why our best recommendation is education and becoming aware of the things you need to do to take action. Here’s a bit of education on the condition to help you understand it better.


What are the causes of Hair Loss?


One of the primary causes of hair loss is genetics or a family history of baldness. Research shows that hair loss in men is primarily associated with the male sex hormone which is known as androgen. To explain it simply, these are the hormones that regulate hair growth. Each of the hair follicles in the scalp undergoes a growth cycle and as hair loss continues to be experienced, this growing cycle starts to weaken. Apart from that, the follicles also start to shrink and produce finer and shorter hair strands. Eventually, hair loss stops the growing cycle of your hair.

Who is at risk?

It’s interesting that men’s hair loss actually starts from teenage years but it is considered to be commonly occurring in adult men as their age rises. Genetics always plays an essential role to hair loss and men who have relatives experiencing hair loss are also at risk.

Techniques to address Hair Loss

Medical treatments are not necessary if other health conditions are not the main cause of hair loss however, gentlemen may take the following steps to address the situation:

1. Hairstyles

Gentlemen who are experiencing hair loss may hide their condition with the right hairstyle or haircut at a barber. We see so many new styles on the fashion scene which is why you need to ask a trusted hairstylist to give you the most creative cut with the hair that you do have, that prevents a hair thinning appeal. We have a range of barbers listed on our stockist list that can assist you here.

2. Hairpieces or Wigs

Wigs cover receding hairlines, thinning hair as well as complete hair baldness. They usually come in

different colors, textures and styles. If you really want to have a natural look that matches your beard follicle colour, then you need to select the best style, texture and color that looks identical as the original hair that you have.

3. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an effective topical kind of medication that needs to be applied onto your scalp. This is an effective treatment for gentlemen’s hair loss that stimulates fast and healthy hair growth. However, this kind of treatment takes about four months before producing visible results.

4. Pills

For a quicker response than Minoxidil, one may consider spending more on beard and hair growth pills that have been researched in laboratories and have been studied on actual humans with promising results. We recommend you doing your research before spending money on pills but if the ingredients and results are there to back it up, then we would suggest this option as a good avenue to try out.

5. Hair Growth Serums

Applying a few drops of The Gentleman's Hair Growth Serum morning and night is often a popular choice amongst gentlemen and it usually provides one with a more permanent solution to addressing hair loss and hair thinning as the product addresses the problem from the root of the follicle.

These are just some of the methods we recommend you follow to cope with hair loss or hair thinning. There are still a lot more treatments on the market but the above are the most common. Always remember - you’re not anything less of a gentleman if you experience this. We’ll always be here for you if you need any one on one advice, feel free to get in touch.

- Founder of The Gentleman's Beard Club, M. Begg

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