Beard Growth Tips

Five Beard Growth Tips

  1. Leave Your Beard Alone!

    Obtaining a great beard that best represents you takes minimum, a few months. As hard as it may be to resist, DON’T SHAVE! You need to let go of that myth that shaving your beard hair makes it grow thicker. Not even science can back up such a claim.

    Here at The Gentleman’s Beard Club, we always want you looking your finest, however we strongly suggest that you don’t cut/shave/trim your beard for at least the first month. The benefit of this is, you also get an understanding of how your hair naturally grows and you’re able to get a sample of what shape of beard you’re growing.

  1. Exfoliation is Key

It’s not widely known that your follicles are arguably the most important things (for lack of a better word), for your beard growth. Taking care of your skin is one of the most important steps of growing a healthy beard. Exfoliating before you decide to grow your beard will pay dividends in the long run as you free up the pores, allowing your beard follicles more room to grow.

  1. Avoid The Itch

    Part of the process of growing facial hair is that your skin may fight back. The uncontrollable itch is no joke, but it’s no reason for you to start preparing your shaving kit. Just stick to your regular shampoo and moisturising routine, your hairs will soften over time and the itching will be almost non-existent.

  2. Stay Moisturised

    The two most major aspects to unlocking your beard’s natural potential is having a barber with extensive knowledge - and of course you being able to understand the dynamics of own facial hair. Many men overlook daily moisturising, ignoring a key step in helping to grow a glorious beard. In our opinion, you can’t go better than jojoba oil or coconut oil. We love them because they’re natural, they smell (really) good, wash out easily and add all the nutrients that you would need to grow and maintain a legendary beard while treating the skin underneath. Both of those ingredients are available in our Beard Balm - Fresh Wood.
  1. Shape it up

    Upon reaching the first month milestone of leaving your beard alone, taking care of your skin, avoiding the itch and maintaining healthy skin underneath your beard, you should have a rough draft of your dream beard. More importantly, you should also have a base you can shape at home or at your local barber. Work with what’s best for your face shape initially before using your beard style to reshape your face. Follow these steps consistently, and watch your beard flourish.


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