Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are a well-known troublesome condition that many gentlemen experience in their lifetime – recurring more regularly in some men than others. In this blog post, we examine the causes, treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are small pimple-like bumps that has a hair follicle at it’s surface and is also red in color. As time moves on, these small bumps transform into a much larger one often resulting in a cyst that can be red, white or yellow in color – usually very painful to touch.

In principle, ingrown hairs have grown out of the surface of the skin, curled around and poked back and penetrating the skin. At other times, dead skin clogs the hair follicle therefore causing the follicle to change its natural course of growth. Often times we notice that ethnic men, who have curly facial hair by nature, who shave, actually cause the newly cut sharp follicle to pierce back into the skin causing an ingrown hair.



Dead skin cells are often the reason for trapping the follicles beneath the skin because they would not be able to penetrate through the surface and as a result, curl back under and continue to grow beneath the surface. Gentle exfoliation with a granular all-natural product will help in clearing out dead skin cells that are keeping the follicles trapped.

Correct shaving technique

Men with ingrown hairs should follow the first rule of shaving, which is shaving along the grain in the direction of growth, not against the grain. It is always best to use a shaving product that reacts well with your skin. Gentlemen, please do not be pound-foolish when it comes to buying a shaving crème or shave oil. Always ensure that your blades are sharp and be sure to avoid using dull blades. Also, always change your cartridge regularly as this will prevent unnecessary shaving nicks.

Use a decent face moisturizer

Winter is often an uncomfortable time for men with ingrown hairs as skin tends to dry out quicker, causing dead skin cells to remain on the surface. A face moisturizer, dependent on your skin type, will assist in hydrating your skin and reduce the possibility of accumulating dead skin cells.

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