Does Diet Affect Beard Growth?

5 Diet Tips to Help With Beard Growth

We all know the food we put in our mouths has an effect on our bodies, energy levels, and even our ability to concentrate, but can it really affect how well our beard grows in? Read on to find out.

Does diet affect beard growth?

Yes, it does – and likely a lot more than you think. Eating a healthy and balanced diet (that means big portions of vegetables) will offer you the ideal nutrients to grow a healthy beard. There are a number of nutrients that specifically benefit the health of our hair, skin, nails, as well as a number of our major organs. These are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Vitamin B6, B12, and Biotin
  • Protein
  • Omega-3.

Is beard growth related to testosterone?

Yes, it is. While your genetics will have a part to play in how thick and fast your beard grows in, the right diet and a healthy amount of testosterone can make a serious difference. Testosterone is responsible for “priming” your hair follicles, essentially getting them ready to grow good strong hair, and the more sensitive your follicles are to testosterone, the easier it will be to grow a full beard. 

Do beard growth vitamins work?

Yes and no. There have been many studies looking at whether or not vitamin tablets are absorbed by the body or not, and it seems like the answer is “it depends” on the delivery and the individual. If you want to ensure you are getting the necessary vitamins, it certainly won’t hurt to use a supplement.  

5 Choices That Help You Grow a Better Beard

  1. Eat at least 50g of Protein a Day

As mentioned above, protein is key in making sure you have a big healthy beard, so make sure you get at least 50g every day. If you eat meat at lunch and dinner, you’re likely already eating 50g, but if you don’t eat meat, look to beans and legumes and protein powder to boost your intake.

  1. Eat Broccoli

Broccoli and other dark green vegetables are rich in magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C and beta carotene, all of which are central in aiding skin repair and quality hair growth, among many other great health benefits for your mind and body. If you don’t like greens, broccoli is the most appetising green superfood, but spinach, beans, and other greens are also beneficial.

  1. Eat Enough

Most men don’t have a problem with getting in their daily calories, but you should be aware that if you aren’t eating enough your testosterone levels will drop. If you decide you want to lose weight but don’t want to jeopardise your beard growth, make sure you monitor what you’re eating each day and take an additional vitamin supplement if you think your diet is lacking.

  1. Workout

Of course keeping fit has a number of benefits, but working out – and specifically lifting weights – will help increase your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that you can increase your testosterone levels after just 15 minutes of exercise, so try to fit in a short workout 5 days a week for the best results.

  1. Avoid Sugar-Filled Food and Drink

Most of us have felt the energy crash after eating too many sugary foods or drinks, but did you know your testosterone levels drop too? Eating and drinking sugary things will keep you from eating the nutritious foods that help your beard growth, and even a couple of daily Coca-Colas may hinder your progress. Instead, opt for sugar-free versions of your favourite beverages and keep sweet treats to a minimum.


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