Top 5 tips on eating with a beard

There’s no question that growing a beard is a part of the man-code and there’s no question that this is here to stay. However, one of the things that most men don’t even think about when they start growing their beard is how they will be able to eat with their beard.

So, how is it possible to have a cooldrink and a burger without getting the food stuck in your beard? The truth is that there are many things you can do to continue to eat with a beard without messing. Read on further to learn more.

#1: Training

One of the things that you can do is to train your moustache on the side. One can apply some moustache wax to train the follicles to stay clear of your lips and mouth. This way, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems. One of the things that might help you is to start training your moustache follicles when your moustache hairs are still sprouting.

#2: Open Wide

While you don’t want to look like a hungry lion when you’re eating out, the truth is that if you open your mouth wider, you’ll most likely be able to avoid all your facial hairs. This will help any ingredients to stay out of your beard. For big bites, brush your moustache away from your mouth with your fingers before the big bite.

#3: Smaller Bites

Even though you may have a tendency to eat fast, when you have a beard you may want to slow down a bit. The truth is that when you take smaller bites, no matter if you’re using utensils or just eating finger foods, you can be sure that your beard will always stay clean.

#4: Cutlery

This is simple – use a knife and fork. Even though you may like to eat finger foods, especially when you’re watching a game on TV, for example, make sure that you lose this habit. Using a fork will give you a much cleaner appearance post meal and allow for less mess. The trick here is not to overload your fork. The less food on your fork, the less chance one would end up getting food in your beard. It’s important that when you bring your fork up to your mouth, come from below your moustache at an angle instead of directly at your mouth.

#5: Straws, Cans, and Bottles

Use a straw to keep any liquids away from your beard or if that fails and you would like to be more adventurous and draw lots of attention, use a Mo Guard! This is one heck of an invention that we think would draw lots of curiosity and keep things in check while you’re drinking.


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