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Beard Oil - Cuban Smoke

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Picture yourself in an old Cuban cigar bar, with dimmed lights, the summer humidity and a squeaky fan and the scent of a freshly lit cigar. That is what our Cuban Smoke beard oil resembles. The modern gentleman will find that this beard oil benefits his image and compliments him with a deep, clove and cinnamon scent, combined with masculine spicy notes of Vetiver to provide yet another signature addition to add to his collection of beard care products from The Gentleman’s Beard Club.


Designed to be lightweight and residue free, our beard oil won't grease your beard. In fact, when a little is applied to your facial area and massaged in, you will notice it absorb super quick.


Moroccan Argan Oil is a premium oil known for its amazing benefits to promote healthy beard growth whilst nourishing follicles from root to tip. We include this oil as part of our trademark beard oil recipe. Grapeseed and Jojoba Oil also have principle benefits of strengthening beard hair so they won't break off or appear brittle. These are also added in generous quantities to our formulation. To top it off, our essential oils that make the fragrance are sourced from all over the world and added to our blend.


1 oz/ 30ml.

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