Beard Styles for Black Men

Beards are back and men around the globe are rocking facial hair.

From the 5 o’clock shadow to the wild and untamed, men are transforming their look, turning beards into a fashion statement, and turning heads in the process.

In this article, we want to pay particular attention to beard styles for black men.

Not everyone has the same type of hair on their heads, and since head hair differs from person to person, beard hair can differ from head hair, even on the same person.

Why is this so?

Well, it’s because different people have different hair follicles from one another and the hair follicles on your body differ from the ones on your face and scalp too.

This is why the hair on your body is different from the hair on your head and different from the hair on your face; and different from the hair on the guy next door.

Steps for Black Men to Grow Great Beards

If you have hair follicles on your face, there is nothing stopping you from growing a great beard.

It can be frustrating if you discover you have patches where the hair won’t grow, but we will share some great tips and advice to help you sculpt your facial hair into a beard that women will love and men will admire when we talk about beard styles a bit later in this article.

Be patient

Facial hair may appear overnight but that doesn’t equal a beard.

Understand that, depending on how fast or slow your hair grows, it can take several months to get the results you are aiming for.

Start with beard care from day one

Moisturise your face and look after your beard follicles with a beard oil so that you establish a healthy beard routine early; then stick to it.

Well-groomed hair grows faster and looks better. 

Get to know your beard

It will take a bit of time to discover if you have areas that grow thicker or curlier or where no hair grows at all.

Once you have observed the shape and texture of your natural beard you can decide on the style that best suits you.

Healthy beards start from the inside

Eat well, hydrate, and exercise – your beard will benefit. Foods that are rich in protein, vitamins and healthy oils will profit your beard most. We wrote an article on the diet tips to help with beard growth.

Never compare your beard to another man’s.

You may aspire towards a certain style, but if your natural beard doesn’t allow it you will be disappointed.

Make peace with the fact that your genetic makeup will be the ultimate decider.

You may also enjoy our blog about How to Grow a Voluminous Beard as a Black African Gentleman.

Trending Beard Styles for Black Men

You can choose a style that compliments your best features, shows off your masculinity and typifies your personality.

There are dozens of beard styles out there and because hopefully your hair keeps growing, you can change your style whenever you want.  

We took a peek at an article on and spotted cool beard styles for black men.

Anchor Beard

We are tempted to call this style Devil’s peak. It looks like a goatee, just a lot more pointed at the chin.

Regular grooming and trimming is a must in order to maintain this style. The Devil’s peak beard will suit men with round, rectangle or square faces.

It will also suit men who struggle with patchiness on their cheeks as the cheeks are kept clean-shaven. 

Garibaldi Beard

This name is a paradox because there is nothing ‘bald’ about this beard. We would name it the King's Beard because it is a strong, masculine look.

The full, rounded beard is crowned with a full moustache. As a slight variation, you could shape the bottom of the beard to be slightly pointy.

To maintain this beard we would recommend regular trims to remove all split ends. 

Short Beard with Shape Up

Black man in white suit

For those who are not averse to grooming, the shape up is a popular choice. Shave your cheeks to create a sharp line between your skin and your beard. The Gentleman's Shave Oil will help you shape up your lines and is also skin friendly so you won't experience razor burn.

A straight line will make your face look more angular. A shape up looks best with a short beard and can be paired with most beard styles. 

Classic Beard

Man in blue suit with beard

Black men are embracing this classic style. It suits most facial features, hair types, and hairstyles so it’s no wonder it’s called the ‘Classic’.

You can ask your barber to shape the beard to balance out a narrow face or enhance a stronger jawline.

Regular trimming to remove split ends is a must if you want to maintain the neat
and classic look.

For the healthiest looking beard, you can consider products that aid growth either between The Gentleman's Beard Growth Mask or Growth Serum

Goatee Beard

Black man in suit

The goatee is one of the quickest and easiest beards to grow and is very popular amongst black men who struggle with patchy beards.

It suits any face shape and pairs well with a full head of hair or a bald scalp.

Regular grooming and trimming will ensure that your goatee stays in tip-top shape. 

Short Beard

Black man in suit with red t shirt

If your beard hair is 2 to 5 centimeters long it is considered a short beard.

These are popular because they are easy to maintain, and with your barber’s advice, you can have some areas slightly longer or shorter than others to accentuate your facial features.

This style won’t work for men who have patchy beards as the hair isn’t long enough to cover the open patches. Regular trimming will ensure a neat, short beard. 

Bushy Beard

Man with biker beard in green suit


This look can suit any man. It can be trimmed to create a strong jawline and balance your features by making your face appear longer.

Heaps of patience is required to grow this type of beard and it requires a solid foundation of healthy beard hair. If you're considering this style, keep a bottle of beard wash in the shower so you can cleanse any residue build-up beneath the beard. Moisturising and regular trims are definitely recommended.

Five o’clock Beard

Man with short beard in a blue suit

To ace this look you have to let your beard grow then trim it all to the same length using an electric shaver.

Clean the edges of your beard at your neck and cheeks using graduated lines, unlike the Shape Up beard.

As you can imagine this beard will require a fair amount of trimming to maintain the look. Unfortunately, this look will not suit a patchy beard. 

Chin Beard

Man with chin beard in green suit

Combining a thicker goatee and a shorter barely shaved moustache, this look was made famous by Jamie Foxx.

All other facial hair, including sideburns, cheeks and throat so that the focus is on the beard. This look suits men with diamond and triangle-shaped faces. 

Biker Beard

Man with long beard in a pink suit

Growing a biker beard takes time and effort and extra care to stop it from looking scraggly or unkempt.

You need to shape your beard so that it’s long at the chin with straight sides. Regular trims and moisturising beard oil are a must. The Gentlemen’s Beard Club has a range of beard oils for you to choose from. 

Chin Strap Beard

Man with chin strap beard in green suit

The chin strap beard and the chin beard differ in that the chin strap beard is shorter and can be grown to extend along the jawline.

It is not a goatee style because it is not connected to a moustache.

This style is perfect for men with rounder faces who want to define their jawline.

Ultimately, your choice of beard is a personal matter.

And as with all things that continue to grow, like head-hair and hedges, you can change your style as often as you wish. Everything you need to maintain a healthy beard can be found in one of The Gentlemen’s Beard Grooming Kits. Men are the luckiest creatures.

The saying goes “A change is as good as a holiday” and you can change your appearance in a week or two.

Image Credits: Instagram - @blackmenandsuits




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