Slow beard growth

One of the most common misconceptions about beard growth is that it grows more or less at the same rate as the hair on your head. This is not true. In fact, it grows faster! For many men, this is excellent news, however, some are not so lucky. There are many reasons why your beard may not grow as thick or as fast as you would want it to. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process a bit. 

What exactly can cause a beard to grow slowly or to stop growing? Let's look at a few reasons: 

Hormones can cause your beard to grow slowly 

Hormones responsible for beard growth are dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. DHT can affect your beard's density while testosterone defines its thickness. Not everyone has the same levels of these hormones and those with lower levels may experience slower beard growth. 

A poor diet can cause your beard to grow at a slow pace 

It takes some calories (the good ones!) to grow a long healthy beard. If your diet lacks the right nutrition and number of calories, you may suffer from slow beard growth. Just like your skin absorbs the goodness from what you eat, beard growth also starts on the inside.  

Breakage can cause your beard to stop growing 

Just like the hair on your scalp, beard hair breakages can cause a halt to its growth. Breakages are usually caused by fragile and brittle hair due to a poor diet or using products with harmful ingredients. 

Split ends can cause your beard to grow slower 

Split ends is a common cause of slow beard growth. Split ends happen at the end of hair and usually resembles an unravelled rope. There are plenty of causes for split ends, but the most common are exposure to extreme weather (especially the harsh South African sun!) and using high-chemical products. 

How to improve beard growth 

Growing a beard can be a very rewarding experience – if you enjoy healthy, thick growth! If not, you may be wondering how you can grow your beard faster? Here are a few tips you can follow to get those beard hairs to sprout: 

Take care of your beard 

Beard grooming should be one of your main priorities when you want to improve beard growth. The key to a clean, healthy and well-groomed beard is high-quality beard products. While there are a couple of beard growth products on the market, it is still important to invest in the basics: Beard washbeard conditioner and beard oil. Using these as part of your daily routine will improve the quality of your beard hair.

Take supplements 

While improving your diet should still be the number one improvement to a healthy beard, certain supplements can further boost hair growth. Vitamins A, B, C and D, Irons, Zinc and Protein are all nutritional additions that can improve beard growth

Improve your diet 

Taking care of your hair and skin should start from the inside. Living from takeaways and fatty, fried food, won't give you a healthy, thick beard! Here are a few foods you should be adding to your grocery list: 

  • Brazilian Nuts. These nuts contain selenium, an important mineral in boosting hair growth. 
  • Eggs. Eggs contain biotin and protein, essentials for healthy hair growth. 
  • Raisins. This snack is a provider of boron, a mineral that promotes beard growth. 
  • Fish. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are essential to normal hair growth.
  • Beef. High in saturated fats, which is essential for testosterone production, beef is a great option for healthy beard growth. 

Tip: If you want to get the best nutrients, go organic. Organic products don't contain any harmful additives. Luckily, South Africa has plenty of organic stores – find one near you.

From investing in a beard growth kit to changing your diet, there are many ways you can improve beard growth. Whatever you choose, remember that between all the ups and downs of your beard-growing journey, your beard is a part of your identity – so, wear it with pride.


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