Featured Gentleman - Zander Kriegler

Who am I

My name is Zander Kriegler. I was born in a town in Worcester, and grew up moving around until graduating from school in Utrecht, Newcastle.

What am I all about

I am mostly involved with music on a session and freelance basis and I am busy with my own band as well. I also buy and sell used cars. My hobbies include music, and drums which have been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I also have a few weird interests like watching documentaries about serial killers and I find it gripping to discover their reasoning behind their actions. If series is a pastime, I definitely am one of those guys! I also hope to travel someday and see places like the USA and Europe. Eventually I'd like to settle down in Canada.

What have I learnt in life

What I have learnt in life is that in the end we have to remember that we are all people who aren't perfect at all. It's fine to trust people and walk a certain road with them but it is always important to remember that they will disappoint you at some point and that is not the worst thing. We all make mistakes and deserve to start over. I'm not saying let someone walk over you, but if you put that into perspective it will let you lead a happier life as I do.

What is my biggest achievement

I would probably say that my biggest achievement is the fact that I play drums. I had no mentor, no classes, just me. Today I can say that I had a good few shows with excellent musicians from all over. I worked hard for what I have and where I am now.

What is success

A balanced lifestyle. I wouldn't want to be earning a huge income without having the time to see my children. I want to provide for my kids but also give them love and attention that they need and deserve. To me, time is valuable and sharing it with the ones I love is key to success.

Why I grew a beard

When I was in Grade 7, my teacher instructed me to start shaving however I always thought of shaving as something unnatural.

After school, there was a time when I was so lazy to shave I decided to let my beard grow and I noticed people started giving me compliments on how full my beard looked.

Growing a full beard was something not a lot of gentlemen could pull off so I decided too keep it until there was a bit of discomfort and then took it all off. Over the past few months I really manned up and followed through and now I love my beard more and more each day. In terms of grooming, all I do is shave the parts that are growing less and keep it groomed by using beard soap and beard oil whenever I shower. Using The Gentleman's Beard Oil specifically has kept my beard feeling clean and awesome.


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