Featured Gentleman - Reza Boltman

Who am I?

I am Reza Boltman from Cape Town. My personality and character are two important features that makes me who I am. My outlook on life is optimistic; my character is dynamic; my self-control is relaxed; my composure is easy going; my attitude is traditional and my resilience is practical.

Naturally, I have always been known for having a bubbly, and energetic personality. I love to smile, this making others smile along with me.

What am I all about?

Weekly, from 9 to 5, I am a Financial Operations Clerk at PayFast. Daily green tea and Sunday drives are a must. Weekends I like to carry my camera with me so I can get a killer sunset picture. Generally, my city as a whole.

I am a car enthusiast, mostly in the stance scene (it’s all about how low your car is).

I am part of the Bearded Villains brotherhood, they showcase bearded men with character from all over the world.

What have I learned in life?

  • That every day holds new possibilities.
  • The more you express your gratitude, the more things we will have to be grateful for.
  • The power of positivity is a real thing. If you truly believe that something good will happen, because your good vibes are like gold, and they attract other good things.
  • Dream big. Life is too short to only be mediocre.

    What is success?

    Success is simply be willing to give it your all.

    The man who has done his level best, and who is conscious that he has done his best, is a success, even though the world may write him down as a failure. – B.C. Forbes

    Why did I grow a beard?

    I started growing my beard in 2012. It was a stake with a close friend about who is able to go without shaving for the longest, obviously I won. I grew to love my beard, it is just one of those things that makes one feel manly, you know? Besides, when I do shave, I look like an 18 year old.


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